Find Your Munich FLINTA* Community Through These Fantastic Groups!

If you’re looking for places to go that make you feel at home in the Munich FLINTA* community then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together a list of local groups and get togethers that offer numerous opportunities for engaging in conversations, activities, and connections with like-minded individuals. So keep reading ahead to connect!

Photo from Konnektiva

What Does FLINTA* Stand For?

FLINTA* is a German acronym that represents Females, Lesbians, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans, and Agender individuals, encompassing women, lesbians, intersex individuals, those who identify as non-binary, transgender individuals, and individuals who identify as agender.

FLINTA* Sport Groups


Are you interested in bouldering or know anyone interested in bouldering? Do you have any idea what bouldering is?

Regardless of your answer, you should come check out Kletterkompliz*innen – a once-a-month meetup to experience the joy of climbing in a respectful, discrimination-sensitive group. Next meetup is Feb 24 at 6p.m.

Check out the details on how to get in touch with them here!

DAV Frauen* auf Tour

Do you like the great outdoors, well DAV Frauen* auf Tour loves it! Roughly once a month this group gets together for some hiking and some socializing – and makes an effort to take a rest stop for proper socializing rather than only during your excursion.

Occasionally the group will plan a more difficult trip like a mountain hike but it’s mostly a gentler experience. Contact information and details can be found on their page here!

Team München e.V.

Sports lovers rejoice! Team Munich is the biggest queer sports club in Bavaria, with over 800 members. From badminton to boxing to rowing, Team Munich has a sport for everyone.

Depending on which sport you’d like to take part in, practice times are at least once a week (or more, depending). More information on each sport and signing up can be found on their main website here, but there are also specific events on their Instagram if you are more keen to get a detailed peek.

Sabai FLINTA* Muay Thai

FLINTA* Sabai Muay Thai
Photo from Sabai Muay Thai

Sabai Muay Thai is an inclusive space where Muay Thai enthusiasts can come and train. Practice times for FLINTA* only are once a week on Wednesday evenings. Membership information can be found here.

FLINTA* Meet Up Groups

Konnektiva e.V.

FLINTA* Konnektiva e.V.
Photo from Konnnektiva

When it comes to the realms of art, culture, and education, Konnektiva is where you want to be.

With a focus on intersectional equality and diversity, they provide resources to individuals facing multiple forms of discrimination through media, music, literature, and art. The group meets in the Konnektiva container at Studio Park, which is open throughout the week.

Learn More Here: Their Website

Tuntenkollektiv // Tuntopia

Queer Munich FLINTA* Tuntopia
Photo from Tuntopia

If you want to talk politics, the universe, or about anything in between, Tuntopia is the place to go! Run by 7 “politically-active fairies”, the group will be hosting an brand new event at the end of February 2024 for you to explore!

If you’d like to reach out before then and learn what they’re all about, you can find them here.

Learn More Here: Their Website


Regenbogenfamilienzentrum is a safe place for individuals with children and/or a desire to have children to talk about it all with those who understand.

Of course, it’s easy enough to find the right group, as they have a multitude of events for a diverse spectrum of families. They have regular mama specific and FLINTA* family events that are sure to be the perfect match to connecting with others.

Learn More Here: Instagram

LeZ – lesbisch-queeres Zentrum

The Lesbian Queer Centre always has something happening for the queer community to be a part of! As a hub for many communities, the centre works in conjunction with other groups to bring everyone together as well as host events of their own.

From weekly writing shops to bouldering (different day and group) to hiking (ALSO a different group and day), there is something for everyone. Also be sure to keep up on their social media pages!

Learn More Here: Instagram and Facebook

Diversity München

Diversity Munich is an organization focused on youth aged 27 and under. With group activities, a youth café, education opportunities and more, Diversity Munich offers a haven for young, like-minded individuals to thrive together.

There are a multitude of subgroups within the organization to meet up with at a minimum-weekly basis, so don’t worry about being with people you’re not quite comfortable with or only seeing people once every few months.

Learn More Here: Their Website

FLINTA* Music Groups

WUT Kollektiv

Queer Munich FLINTA*  WUT Kollektiv
Photo from WUT Kollektiv

WUT Kollektiv consists of the “Fantastic FLINTA*” a group of artists, for artists. With events like DJ workshops and open decks happening on a regular basis, make sure to keep an eye on their Instagram or join their Telegram to stay up to date!

Learn More Here: Instagram and Telegram

Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop

For artists looking to expand their knowledge and abilities, have a space to rehearse, and the opportunity to network and feel supported, Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop is where you should go.

With events and workshops happening on a weekly basis and appointments that can be booked individually, this is where you go if you want to grow.

Learn More Here: Their Website

Looking For Other Munich FLINTA* Events, Meet ups Or Get Togethers?

Ask away! Or have a look at our event calendar- we’re always adding new events

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