Do You Know These 3 Munich Queer Cinema Events?

Hello fabulous queer community! Looking for Munich queer cinema spots? Luckily for you we’ve got a couple great options for you below.

With regular weekly events and an annual film fest, Munich has a multitude of opportunities to enjoy queer cinema, both local and even international!

Munich Queer Cinema
Photo by Meg Boulden on Unsplash

Mongay At City Kinos

Munich Queer Cinema Mongay
Photo from Mongay

Every Monday evening, the centrally located City Kinos shows a film celebrating queer culture for all to come together and enjoy!

They offer a mixture of international and domestic films as well as special pre-showings every now and then. And best of all, most of the showings are either English or always have English subtitles!

When: Monday evenings // Check their schedule here

Where: SonnenstraรŸe 12a

Queer Film Night At Arena Kino

Munich Queer Cinema Events Queer Film Night
Photo from Arena Kinos

Every second Wednesday of the month, Arena offers a movie night specifically for the LGBTQ+ community! September’s showing is for Blue Jean:

Sports teacher Jean finds herself compelled to lead a double life: Margaret Thatcher, with her conservative parliamentary majority, has just passed Section 28 – a homophobic law that prohibits “promoting homosexuality.” Therefore, no one at the school can know that Jean is a lesbian, as she could lose her job otherwise.

Her determined partner Vic supports her, but wishes Jean would have a bit more courage. On weekends, they dive into Newcastle’s queer nightlife together. When Jean encounters one of her students in a lesbian bar, she must make a weighty decision…

Another general tip we like about this location is that it is a great option for those seeking a barrier free cinema to attend!

When: Wednesday evenings // check their schedule here for more

Where: Hans-Sachs-StraรŸe 7

The Queer Film Festival

Photo from qffmmuenchen

Established in 2015, the QFFM (Queer Film Festival Munich) stands as an cinematic force championing diversity on the silver screen, showcasing films that transcend hetero- and homonormative boundaries. The festival challenges stereotypes and spotlights intersectional queer perspectives and aesthetics.

Explore our array of queer feature and short films. What unites these films is that being queer isn’t a label; it’s a lens that amplifies diverse perspectives on universally human themes like self-discovery, identity, and parenthood. Sharing alternative viewpoints is crucial.

Unfortunately, even in Europe, minorities are targeted by aggression and hatred. Through this festival, a meaningful contribution can be made to shed light on vital stories that often go overlooked.

The festival’s impact goes beyond representation, positioning itself as a platform for film-makers who view and embody queerness as a political, supportive, and resilient concept. Presented works explore various life paths and expressions of sexuality, ultimately questioning societal definitions of “conventional” or “normal.”

When: October 10-15, 2023

Where: Schwere-Reiter-StraรŸe 15

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