Great Queer Bipoc Groups In Munich You Should Know

While many people already know how inclusive Munich is, there are some who don’t know all that this lovely city has to offer. If you are on the hunt to get connected, let us introduce you to these Queer Bipoc groups in Munich and all the great events they have to offer!

Queer Bipoc Groups In Munich
Photo from AfroDiaspora 2.0

What Does BIPOC Stand For?

BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, and individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds (pronounced as ‘bye-pock’). The purpose of this term is to emphasize the unique perspectives and challenges faced by Black and Indigenous communities, while also promoting unity among various racial and ethnic groups.

Beyond Color

Queer BIPOC groups in Munich Beyond Color
Photo from Beyond Color

One of Munich’s oldest, and incredibly impactful groups, Beyond Color is a community group that brings together Black and POC LGBTQIA+ individuals with a background in racism, discrimination and migration.

Beyond Color organises workshops, talks and lectures, parties, performances, demonstrations and conventions in Europe. In fact, they have had over 60 events since 2017 and were even awarded a prize from the Bavarian government!

We’d recommend you check out their website for the full details, especially their events and event history is really something wonderful to see.

Where To Find Them: On their website here

Afrodiaspora 2.0

Queer BIPOC Groups Afrodisaspora
Photo from Afrodiaspora

Since 2018, Afrodiaspora 2.0 has celebrated queer culture and community Care with panel talks, live music performances and a parties with DJ sets throughout the year.

Afrodiaspora 2.0 gives people an opportunity to celebrate together with artists and music music that is important to what you need. From food meet ups to festivals in the summer, Afrodiaspora 2.0 offers a great, safe place to come together.

You can take part in their monthly Wahala Wahala events if you want to get a feel for the community!

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @afrodiaspora2.0 or Facebook

Queer Bipocs Munich

Queer Bipocs Munich is a safe space designed exclusively for all queer people of color between the ages of 18 and 35.

Anyone in and around Munich can come together every other Friday of the month (the 2nd & 4th ones) for snacks and drinks and a space to just be yourself. The location changes so keep an eye on their social media!

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @queerbipocsmunich


Queer BIPOC Groups Queer*Yourope
Photo from Queer*Yourope

Queer*Yourope encourages the queer community to come together and take on and empower others (as well as themselves)!

Aimed at teens and young adults, the group has done community projects, marched in protests, as well as celebrated each others culture with food and activities together. Expect a relaxed but engaging group when you come!

The group hosts a Queer Cafe every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Where To Find Them: On Instagram:@queeryourope


Queer BIPOC groups in Munich DiverCity
Photo from DiverCity

For BIPOCs and allys, DiverCity offers opportunities to connect with other communities for a common goal; creating a safe space for all in a thriving, diverse city.

They not only organise casual community based meet ups, but also are incredibly involved with the Migrant Advisory Board in Munich to support immigration, the Right to Residency including anti-discrimination, anti-racism, and refugee policy.

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @divercitymunich

Ubuntu Collective Munich

Photo from Ubuntu Collective

This Safe(r) space for people of African descent living in Munich is a group organized by @naa.squire which offers a variety of events for connecting, networking, sharing and learning.

From political activism and social hangouts to shared events such as a clothing swap and educational workshops.

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @ubuntucollectivemunich

Diversity München-Regular Bipoc Meetups

Munich’s queer youth organization, this group has events going on several times a week throughout the city, with their youth center and youth cafe as well.

There are almost a dozen different specific groups available, so you can be sure you are around like-minded people when you come. As a youth organisation, the majority of groups are for those under 27.

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @diversitymuenchen and their website


Queer Bipoc Groups In Munich Konnektiva
Photo from Konnektiva

Konnektiva is a non-profit association that promotes art, culture and education in Munich. Their chief goal is promoting in the area of ​​intersectional equality and diversity.

They do so by hosting events, yoga classes, talks, teaching skills to those marginalised groups, and allowing them to benefit from their shared experiences.

Events happen a couple times a month throughout the city so be sure to keep an eye on their social media for updates!

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @konnektiva

SubRegular Bipoc Meetups

Queer Bipoc groups in Munich Sub
Photo from Sub

Sub is a centrally located communication and cultural center committed to gay, bisexual and queer men, trans people, and the entire LGBTQ+ community.

The group meets roughly once per month but the Café Sub is a place available for everyone who wants to meet up with their friends, make new acquaintances or simply find out what’s going on in Munich’s queer community (as well as enjoy some coffee and cakes!)

Events are updated on the social feed and on their website.

Where To Find Them: On Instagram: @sub_szene_muc

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