Discovering Munich Queer Community Resources And Support

Looking for some resources and support in the Munich Queer community? Say no more! We’ve got the ultimate guide for you right here!

Munich is home to a vibrant and diverse Queer community. However, finding the right resources and support in a new location can be challenging for LGBTQ+ individuals. To help you feel more at home in this beautiful city, we’ll explore some of the best Munich LGBTQ+ resources and support networks, so you can navigate Munich with ease.

Finding the Support and Resources You Need in the Queer Community of Munich

Whether you’re looking for resources, support, or just a sense of community, there are plenty of options available to you.

Munich Queer Community Centres

One of the best places to start looking for resources and support is at a community centre that caters specifically to the local queer community. Luckily, Munich is filled with many! These centres offer a wide range of programs and services, including counselling, social activities, and educational workshops.

Sub e.V.

This community centre focuses on supporting young LGBTQ+ people and hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including art workshops, movie nights, and discussion groups.


The Lesbian-queer center in Munich offers counseling, meetings and events. At LeZ, participation takes center stage, or as they say ‘Not quite Do It Yourself, but LeZ Do It Together!’

Diversity München

A social group for queer individuals in Munich, hosting events like bar nights, picnics, and outdoor activities.

Munich Queer Community Counselling And Support Services

Munich Queer Community Rosalter
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If you’re looking for one-on-one support or counselling, there are several queer community counselling services available in Munich. These services can help you work through any issues you may be facing, such as coming out, relationship problems, or mental health concerns.


This foundation provides a wide range of services and programs for the LGBTQ+ community, including legal advice, health services, and support groups for transgender and non-binary individuals.

Trans*Inter* Counselling

The counselling service is available for inter- and transgender people, their relatives, and friends. As needed, consultations can be conducted once or several times. Consultations are free and confidential.


The Trans-Ident Munich self-help group is for people with transgender feelings, i.e. people who physically belong to either the male or female gender, but feel like they belong to the other gender. They provide support and advice to transsexuals and their families on all matters related to their transsexuality or transidentity.


Qties regularly  organize events, meet-ups (online and in person) and discussion groups that are open to non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, neuois, bi-gender, in-between, agender, and anyone who doesn’t fear labels.


Counseling services for seniors (50+) who are bisexual or homosexual, as well as transpeople and interpeople in this age group who need support with various issues.


Psychosocial counselling services for heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer girls and women of all ages and sexual identities, as well as for everyone searching for their sexual identity. Either in person, per phone, email or through their website online.

Munich Queer Community Medical And Health Support

Munich Queer Community Sub
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Individuals in the queer community often face a particularly difficult time navigating medical issues, but there are a handful of local resources available to assist. Here are some Munich locations to know about.

Munich Aids Help

This non-profit organization provides support to people living with HIV/AIDS, including medical and legal advice.

Sexual Health Tests in Sub

Information, tests and advice on sexuality, health, desire and well-being for gay, bisexual and transgender men.

Women’s Health Center

In the Women’s Health Center, women and girls have a safe space for exchange and support. In addition, they have access to health education and support.

Munich Queer Community Sport Groups

Munich Queer Community Gay Outdoor Club
Photo from GOC

Looking to get out there and get active? There are plenty of sports groups you can join in Munich if you’re looking to make new friends, meet other queer people or share your favourite active hobby with your community!

Gay Outdoor Club

The Gay Outdoor Club (GOC) is the gay and lesbian section of the German Alpine Club (Deutschen Alpenvereins or DAV). The GOC offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hikes, mountain tours, climbing, mountain biking, cycling tours, and winter activities (alpine skiing, ski tours, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.).

L.U.S.T Dance Club

L.U.S.T. stands for Lesben Und Schwule Tanzen (Lesbian and Gay Dancing). This queer dance club offers a variety of courses and dance styles for all levels and all dancers.

InsideOut Munich Tennis

Munich’s InsideOut e.V. is a gay and lesbian tennis club. Offering training at all levels and organizing the annual “König Ludwig Cup” tennis event.

Munich Queer Community Social Groups

Munich Queer Community munichkyivqueer
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One of the best parts about the local queer community in Munich is the huge variety of social groups it offers! From support for refugees to finding other rainbow families, there are many mini communities available to connect with in the city.

Les Mamas

The non-profit organization LesMamas e.V. seeks to provide a community for lesbian women with children and/or who want to have children in Munich and surrounding areas. There are couples and singles with biological children, foster parents or women with adopted children, as well as lesbians planning families.


Advice on everyday life in a rainbow family, specialist advice and further training, fertility advice for lesbians, gays and trans* people seeking children, and rainbow patchwork family advice

Munich Kyiv Queer

As an interface between Munich and Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, they promote, moderate, coordinate, and implement projects within the group. In addition, they coordinate projects with the larger gay and lesbian groups and associations.

Munich Queer Community Nightlife

Munich Queer Community Prosecco
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The queer community has a vibrant nightlife scene in Munich, including a variety of bars, clubs, and events. There’s something for everyone, from a quiet drink to a night of dancing.


This popular gay bar in the Glockenbachviertel neighbourhood is known for its friendly atmosphere, affordable drinks, weekly Wednesday parties and Thursday drag bingo.


This popular gay club in Munich’s city center hosts regular events and theme nights, including drag shows, foam parties, and DJ sets from some of the city’s top queer DJs.


Whether you’re sipping coffees or drinking cocktails, Kraftwerk offers a relaxed atmosphere with a bistro, a bar or a café. This is the place to be if you are looking for something that can take you from day to night.

Misstique Club

Munich’s largest lesbian (queer and friends) club that holds the best themed parties. A regular monthly calendar of events featuring the talents of the local queer community.

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