Pride Month in Munich: What does CSD mean?

Pride Month in Munich: What does CSD mean?

July is just around the corner and on the July 16, 2022 Munich will celebrate CSD! But are you in the know about what is really going on?…or even what the acronym stands for?

What does CSD Mean in Germany?

Chill Mariah. That’s actually a pretty simple answer, it is just the German equivalent of Pride.

History of Christopher Street Day in Munich, Germany

Munich has (for the most part) always been a great ally of our community. The city held its first ever CSD Parade on June 28th, 1980. With the name, Christopher Street Day, being chosen as a commemoration of the famous Stonewall Riots that took place on June 28th,1969 at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in New York.

CSD Pride Month Munich Celebrations 2022

This year’s CSD motto is all about “Less Me, More We”. A motto that we believe to be perfectly on point of what is desperately needed in this day and age.

Community, togetherness and cohesion 👏 👏

Even though we have two full weeks of Pride this year, the annual Parade is officially on June 16, 2022. You can see the full map of the parade plans below from CSD München

(The largest crowds are usually around Gärtnerplatz, Marienplatz and Isartor.)

Overall, please remember this is a celebration of love, so lets make sure everyone feels safe. Take care of your friends and look out for each other and most of all… HAVE FUN!

“Less Me, More We”

Do You Have Any More Details to Add about CSD in Munich?

Let us know in the comments! We hope you found this post helpful, and if you are looking for more information or activities for Christopher Street Day / Pride month in Munich make sure to check out our event calendar!

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